TikTok: Everything You Need To Know About This Video Production App In 2020

You may have heard of Musical.ly (think of it as some kind of platform for karaoke). TikTok is the new name for the app’s extended version, allowing users to upload, stream, and create short videos of between 3 and 60 seconds.

From Musical.ly To TikTok:

Millions of people have used Musical.ly to express themselves by music, dancing, and comedy.

Musical.ly merged with TikTok on 2 August 2018 to create a ‘bigger and better app of short-videos. Musical.ly, users switched to the TikTok app automatically.

In the first quarter of 2018, the TikTok app became the most downloaded application worldwide on both iOS and Android, with a million downloads. The viral platform has been the launchpad for millions of videos, comedy skits, musical hits, and the challenges of collaborative trends.

We’ve compiled a list of several interesting facts and stats in 2020 to help you get educated about TikTok:

1. TikTok Is The 6th Largest Social Network:

TikTok app is making headway to Twitter, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp, with 800 million active monthly users. There’s always a way to catch up. But, it has still outperformed LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.

2. TikTok Is The 2020’S No. 1 Downloaded App:

Figures released by AppAnnie, a mobile data and analytics company, show that this year, TikTok tops download charts and is the most downloaded app in 2020.

Last year was a banner year for the company, taking in an estimated 738 million downloads — sufficient to match but not to overtake Whatsapp, claiming the top spot with 849 million.

The rise of TikTok has been extremely rapid in many aspects. While it was only launched globally in 2018, it ranks among the most downloaded apps of the last decade.

3. TikTok Is Offered In Over 150 Countries:

TikTok advertisers can reach viewers worldwide in more than 75 languages. But the big one here is China, in which Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese version, began first particularly because Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube are blocked over there.

WeChat remains China’s largest gateway, the country’s largest all-purpose app, and the toughest local rival of the TikTok app.

4. Nearly Half Of All Users Are Between The Ages Of 18-24:

TikTok is reputed to be popular with teenagers. 27 percent of their users are between the ages of 13-17. Internal data from March 2019 indicates that the young adult audience is the biggest population group (42 percent).

The 13-24-year-old groups together make 69 percent of the user base of the app.

When it comes to gender, TikTok skews 60% female and 40% male.

5. Influencers And Viral Patterns On TikTok:

TikTok has opened doors for influencers, comedians, image-makers, and even some brands, as an additional option for the users of Twitter, Vine, Instagram, as well as other past and current video apps.

16 percent of all videos on the website are tied to hashtag challenges, according to TikTok, and more than one-third of its users have tried them out.

Brands likewise jump aboard. Clean & Clear India raked 10,400 new followers and motivated 2.62 million videos with the challenge of their branded hashtag. Snack-maker Kind has taken up 60 million views with its challenge in just 24 hours.

6. Educational Content On TikTok Is Growing, Especially In China And India:

About 14 million ‘knowledge-based content’ videos were shared on the platform in 2020, according to the annual report by Byte Dance.

The popularity of instructional videos prompted Byte dance in India to promote what it branded as # EduTok. It’s been viewed 85.8 billion times since the hashtag was introduced last summer.

7. The Platform Is Developing Rapidly:

Even over the months, we reviewed subtle improvements to TikTok, and daily updates were coming. And, in the quarter, more institutions started to come on board. 2020 is a perfect time to get interested and have TikTok tests.

8. TikTok Ranks Sixth Among Applications Towards Consumer Spending Globally:

AppAnnie data shows consumer spending on TikTok is on the rise. The report places TikTok behind Tinder, Netflix, Twitter, iQIYI, and Tencent Footage. But the app ranks notably ahead of Disney+, Google One, Pandora Music, and Line Manga.

Overall, this year users have spent a record 23.4 billion on apps — making 2020 the highest earnings quarter ever, AppAnnie reports.

9. The Businesses Are Shifting Their Focus To Tiktok From Other Platforms To Build An Audience:

Now, what started as a platform to showcase short videos has caught the attention of the world. The GenZ being more active on TikTok led many brands to make a shift from other platforms and advertise more on TikTok. As per demographics, the rise in users on this platform has made brands to prefer TikTok. Many brands buy tiktok likes to lift their brand recognition.

Wrap Up:

The TikTok facts are a way of seeing if the hype is genuine and as the statistics indicate this in several ways. TikTok’s development has been explosive ever since its global release, and it is the most downloaded app in 2020.

Tips And Tricks To Edit Your TikTok Videos

TikTok has become the most used video streaming app around the globe used for marketing in recent times. Its users are increasing in numbers with every passing day. The TikTok users mainly watch video clips, make their short videos, and add certain effects to them, to increase their reach. If you are also a TikTok user and looking for information on how to edit TikTok videos, this article is for you. Buy tiktok likes to multiply the likes count for your created video.

How To Edit A TikTok Video

Most of the video editing options in TikTok are available before posting the video on your account. There is a huge scope for editing your videos before you post them. The in-built video editor in TikTok gives you many different effects and filters. One must know all of them to edit the videos effectively. Many people also use different TikTok editing apps for editing their videos. But TikTok also has many in-built editing options for its users. So, here is the step by step guide on How to edit a TikTok video and that too without using TikTok editing apps.

Launching The App

The first step is launching the TikTok app, tapping the “+” icon, and starting your own video. You can now start your video editing and recording interface. To start your video editing on TikTok, first, you have to shoot a video on your phone. Or, you can also upload a pre-shot video for editing and post it on TikTok.

Select The Edits And Effects

Now, you have to set up your shot and choose the special effects that you want to add in the video. To start video shooting, face the camera in the right direction and tap the Flip icon in the top right. Now you will be able to see the icons on the right side of the screen, such as speed, beauty, filters, etc.

  1. Speed Icon: The speed feature will allow you to shoot your video at the pace of your choice. There are three options available for the users that are slow, normal, and high speed. You can choose a speed type and create a slow-mo video or speed up your video intentionally.
  2. Beauty: Here, you can use the AR filters and enhance the features of your face. This effect hides your blemishes and smoothes out your skin.
  3. Filter: Many different kinds of filters and effects are available under this icon. You can choose the filter of your liking and change the color of the complete background of the video.
  4. Timer: The timer allows the users to set an auto-record countdown. It is used mainly to film a hands-free video.
  5. Flash: You can use the feature of flash if you are making the video at a dark place or at night.

Music And Effects

On the top center of the camera screen, you’ll see music notes along with the “Add a Sound” option next to it. You can choose any sound or background music from here. The users can also apply different sound effects using this feature. If you wish to shoot your video outside TikTok and post it thereafter, you can add the effects later on. In the effects button, you can pick out a video overlay-styled filter and use.

Record The Video

Now, as you have applied all the effects, it is time to record the video. To start the recording press and hold the red record button. You can record your complete video in one go or different sets. If you wish to record in different segments, you have to hold the record button for each segment, then let go. Press the button again when you are ready to record again. Additionally, for trimming a Tiktok video, you can replay the video and cut the part you do not wish to have and reshot the video.

Final Edits

After capturing the final video with all the added effects, you can still make some changes at this point. You can add a musical overlay, filters, and other basic special effects. Further, you can also add stickers and text overlays on top of the video. When you are satisfied with the edits and the effects, press Next. Now, you can add a relevant caption for your video and upload it for everyone to see. You can also use the final edit features for trimming a TikTok video and making necessary changes.

So, by using the above-mentioned guide, you can easily learn how to edit a TikTok video. If you wish to edit it further and want more editing features, you can also use other TikTok editing apps. Also, for trimming a TikTok video, you can take the help of other TikTok editing apps and upload your video again.